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RADIO INTERVIEW with SA (7 min.) from Distillations, "Good Vibrations."

Hear the entire interview including research on Stradivari violins:



Divining Nature; An Elemental Soundscape

(music composed with frequencies derived from 8 elements of the Periodic Table for the original installation of Divining Nature, An Elemental Garden, with sculptor Rebecca Kamen - see below) Noise and Whispers, GVART Gallery; London Nov. 8-Dec. 14, 2013 An exhibit devoted entirely to SOUND, featuring more than thirty sound artists. See online catalog at:



FLUID, A Sound Journey Through The Body


Colors of Water: A festival of art, science and music inspired by water...London, UK: March 13-28, 2013

About the Director of the Festival:

waterMae-Wan Ho, Director and co-founder of the Institute of Science in Society to reclaim science for the public good, is best known for pioneering work on the physics of organisms and sustainable systems and the liquid crystalline water of the living matrix. Mae-Wan has more than 170 scientific publications, 18 books, and over 500 popular articles and essays across all disciplines. Regarded by some as “the most influential scientist alive today,” her work not only informs the public and policy-makers, but is also deeply appreciated by other scientists as well as those trained in arts and the humanities, being herself an artist and occasional poet.

It has been her life-long ambition to integrate sciences, arts and the humanities in a complete way of knowing, understanding, and living. She has produced a new book on the quantum physics and chemistry of water in living organisms, 'Living Rainbow H2O'.

Divining Water: The Art of Flow

November 3-5, 2011
3rd International Symposium on Aqua Science, Water Resources and the Arts.

Artists and scientists dialog together to imagine new perspectives on water. In collaboration with Susan Plum, glass sculptor
VIDEO: Divining Water: The Art of Flow: Rock Piece, by Susan Alexjander
VIDEO: Divining Water: Fluid Universe, by Susan Plum


Fluid: Soundtrack presentation -

The body's "Breath of Life" in Sound and Light picture one
October 5, 2011
ILA - International Light Association; Quebec, Canada light-and-color

Fluid is an artistic collaboration between sound designer Susan Alexjander and sculptor Rebecca Kamen. Illumination, shown on right, is one of three sculptures for the exhibit. Fluid reflects the artists' visions of how our body communicates through cycles and frequencies with itself, the Earth and the overall Matrix of life.* 

Soundtrack presented to the ILA October of 2011.

Fluid is an intimate journey in sound using the cranial-sacral healing model of the Breath of Life, stillpoint, restlessness and reorganization, and transformation into a new stillpoint. It is a deep experience of yourself. As we head towards a vibrational breakthrough on this planet which involves sensuous, body intelligence, a new harmonic connection to creation is coming forth, and everything is jamming!

READ MORE: (article)

Elemental Matters

The artists in Elemental Matters invent different ways to experience the elements and the periodic table.  Elements of Tone was created in collaboration with sculptor Rebecca Kamen (, accompanying her sculptures of hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur.

SOUNDTRACK; Elements of Tone. The sounds of eight elements from the periodic table in the order they are created by a star.

CD available...
Read more:


Ocean: Coming On The Backs of Whales

July 9, 10, 2010
Oddfellows Hall, Mendocino, CA.

WHALEAn Experiential, Walk-Through Art Installation featuring underwater footage of whales and dolphins by photographer Lisa Denning, and soundtrack by SA: Coming On The Backs of Whales. Directed and envisioned by Thais Mazur (see links).
Stunning moving images of whales and dolphins were projected onto fabric and stretched across 30-ft.-long screens hung in the middle of the gallery to create a surround-image experience. Friday, July 9th featured a talk by bio-acousticscientist Michael Stocker speaking about the mysterious ocean soundscape, how underwater life communicates through sound and the importance of protecting that fragile world.

SOUNDTRACK: Coming On The Backs of Whales takes its inspiration from the Maori view of the ocean as a giant crystal....a dreaming place.
Read more...CD available:

Divining Nature: An Elemental Soundscape

Divining Nature Installation Susan Alexander and Rebecca Kamen

This soundscape was created for sculptor Rebecca Kamenís gallery installation:

Divining Nature: An Elemental Garden at the Greater Reston Art Center, Reston, Virginia October 1- November 14, 2009.

ďAs composer Susan Alexjanderís etherial music floats through like a cosmic breeze...the Elemental Garden breathes tranquility.Ē Joanne Bauer, curator GRACE.

Ms. Kamen transformed the open, hexagonal gallery into a luminous sculptural installation based on the Periodic Table of Elements. The soundtrack consists of Larmor Frequencies translated into tone/music from 83 elements: Hydrogen to Bismuth.

Hear entire soundtrack: C&EN Science & Technology article

Visuals and Sound: Video: Divining Nature


Vibration Medicine

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Visuals by Diana Hobson, soundtrack by Susan Alexjander.

June 2 to July 30, 2006
PVAC - Pajaro Valley Arts Council Gallery
37 Sudden Street
Watsonville, CA

In Vivo - In Vitro: Athens, Greece


SEQUENCIA—part of a Bio-Art event exhibiting international artworks…
a new osmosis between Art, Science and Life.

Feb. 6 to March 6, 2006
Athens Fine Art School and Artopos
Athens, Greece



Visuals by Diana Hobson, soundtrack by Susan Alexjander.

October 6th through November, 2005
Cogswell College Art Gallery
ll75 Bordeaux Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Exhibit also featured sculptures in bronze, concrete and glass by Diana Hobson.



August 20 - Sept. 20, 2005
The Salt Gallery
Hayle, Cornwall, UK

FEBRUARY 22 - MARCH 22, 2003 New York City
Women In Science (Genomically Yours)

Five women artists whose work includes the science of DNA. Dedicated to Rosalind Franklin, creator of the first X-Ray crytallography of DNA in l953. 50th year celebration.

Universal Concepts Unlimited
507 West 24th St.
New York, NY 10011

APRIL 4 - JULY 27, 2003 Santa Cruz, California

Into Being - The River (video/DVD installation)


A Collaboration between video artist Diana Hobson and Susan Alexjander, Sound design (Digital Performer).
Part of a celebration of the San Lorenzo River - River Reflections.

Museum of Art and History
Santa Cruz, California


A River
So Ancient

In darkness
she stirs
an atom of conciousness

a whisper
of time

I heard her name in the silence

and from oblivian
she moves silently



To hold the Sun in our eye
and the BLINK
of the eye of the Sun

seeing himself

in our face

(D.H. 2003)

ONGOING EXHIBIT - Boston Museum of Science, Boston, Ma.

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  1. Book in progress: The Sacred Chain: A Cosmology of Tone. A look at correspondences between the resonance of pulsar tones, elements, DNA, important time cycles and water (the Great Connector).

All projects are supported by funding which miraculously arrives through Science & The Arts, my company which is dedicated to furthering scientific research into the 'musical' universe of frequency. All contributions, financial and otherwise, would be greatly welcomed.

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