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Sequencia CD Cover




DNA Music/DNA Suite

DNA Music

DNA Suite

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The Measure of All Things

         The Measure of All Things by Rebecca Kamen

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In-depth article: Fluid, The Soundtrack Creation

Fluid was created for a gallery installation of sound and visuals, in collaboration with sculptor Rebecca Kamen:  Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center, Washington, DC April 13th-May 26, 2012. 


Fluid reflects our visions of how light, shapes and rhythms inform our body as it communicates with itself, the Earth and the overall Matrix of life. 

fluidThe soundtrack for Fluid uses the cranial-sacral model of healing. Our bodies are polyrhythmic beings, alive with tides, stillpoints, breath cycles, pulses and delicate surges of expression. Everything is entwined like root and flower. As the original 'Breath of Life' mysteriously enters the body through the third ventricle of the brain, it flows through the entire body, balancing and supporting our life force again and again. The Breath of Life informs our cells as intelligent rhythm and light. It can be especially perceived in the cranial-sacral fluids and peizoelectric, crystalline fascia of the body....a veritable symphony and light show within.  Everything strives for balance, health and vigor. Water is the humble servant, divinely guiding and transmitting intimate connection through its liquid, crystalline resonance.   

As we head towards a vibrational breakthrough on this planet which involves sensuous, body intelligence, a new harmonic connection to creation is coming forth, and everything is jamming!

(Soundtrack includes Somos, by Silvia Nakkach)

Coming On The Backs of Whales: a Sea Dreamscape


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whaleCreated for a gallery installation, Mendocino, CA, 2010.
On The Backs of Whales uses an imaginary, crystalline ocean as its inspiration. The Maori culture contains a myth that underwater, crystalline caves encode all the songs and dances of every creature who ever existed there. Their culture did not use drums but rather heard the ocean as rapid, percussive clicks. The soundtrack weaves creatures from different regions such as walruses, the eery sounds of seals, snapping shrimp, underwater earth sounds and of course whales and dolphins. It is Ocean, dreaming itself and the world into being.

Divining Nature: An Elemental Soundscape


Divining Nature CD cover

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ďAs composer Susan Alexjanderís etherial music floats through like a cosmic breeze...the Elemental Garden breathes tranquility.Ē Joanne Bauer, curator GRACE.

This soundscape was created for sculptor Rebecca Kamenís gallery installation: Divining Nature: An Elemental Garden at the Greater Reston Art Center, Reston, Virginia October 1- November 14, 2009. Ms. Kamen transformed the open, hexagonal gallery into a luminous sculptural installation based on the Periodic Table of Elements. The soundtrack consists of Larmor Frequencies translated into tone/music from 83 elements: Hydrogen to Bismuth.

Hear entire soundtrack:
C&EN Science & Technology article

Visuals and Sound:
Video: Divining Nature


The Music of DNA: The Building Block of Life

Composed by Susan Alexjander in Partnership with Biologist David Deamer



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SEQUENCIA is a unique and lyrical celebration of the miracle of life. The songs of SEQUENCIA are derived and inspired by the resonant frequencies of DNA, the complex building block molecule that contains the blueprints for all life on earth. Adjusted to the registers of the human ear, SEQUENCIA offers an exciting and unusual glimpse into the often haunting, often beautiful whispers of the invisible world within.

In SEQUENCIA, raw data derived from the light absorption spectra of the four bases (adenine, cytosine, thymine, guanine) that make up the DNA molecule is converted into sonic frequencies. These are programmed to a Macintosh computer and sent to a synthesizer, and then arranged into four pitch collections (or four 'scales' based on the individual base molecules). These synthesized notes mixed with vocals, cello, tabla, and violin become the palettes for Alexjander's compositions, which range from somber and zen-like to fanciful and improvisational.

"Sequencia is the Grail Quest set to music. There is beauty and power in it; great power."

—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Meaning & Medicine

"Sometimes mysterious, sometimes playful. . . an evolutionary leap forward."

—Rick Weiss, New York Times

"The tunings are breathtaking. This is a classical masterpiece, not 'New Age'."

—Barbra Dillinger, teacher in the healing arts

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DNA Music / DNA Suite


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DNA Music, DNA Suite C D cover

These recordings were created by Dr. David Deamer, an esteemed biologist at UCSC noted for his breakthrough work on the origins of life and my partner for Sequencia. They use a technique called "mapping" to plot musical rhythms and combinations of tones which are charming and tuneful, as the bases proceed along the double helix. DNA Suite is informational and fun, while DNA Music is for a more meditative mood. (An article explaining his process is available on request). Originally separate cassette recordings, DNA MUSIC and DNA SUITE are now also available on one complete, remastered CD.

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Elements as Tone


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A dying star

All the natural elements (92 that we know of) were created in the belly of an exploding, dying star. This recording renders frequencies from eight of the lightest, or first created, elements into sound. The tones come from a translation of Larmor waves on the megahertz scale which eminate from the nucleus of the atom.
See article


  1. Elements in descending order of creation from collapsing stars, beginning with the lightest, hydrogen:
    *hertz are at 14 octaves below original frequencies
    Element Atomic Wt Hertz# * Tone
    Hydrogen 1.01 2598.58 E
    Helium 4.00 989.8 #B
    Carbon 12.01 653.25 E
    Nitrogen 14.01 375.5 F#/G
    Oxygen 16.00 352.25 F/F#
    Silicon 28.09 258.00 C
    Phosphorus 30.97 131.5 C/C#
  2. Elements combined in different octaves, with added sulfur:
  3. Hydrogen; Helium (P5)
  4. Phosphorus, Oxygen and Hydrogen
  5. Fifteen minute meditation - all eight elements combined

Total time 23:10 /CDR only

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