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ZUVUYA is an ongoing project devoted to the health of our ocean.
It features the amazing living sculpture, OCEAN, an immersive, interactive
installation by Thais Mazur, video (on hanging screens) of life-size whales
and dolphins by underwater filmmaker Lisa Denning, and sound design Coming
On The Backs of Whales, by Susan Alexjander.

Installations are planned for Marin County, California, the California Academy
of Science in San Francisco, and international venues such as Lima, Peru and
Mexico City. Read more about it here:


Sound and sculpture with collaborating artist Rebecca Kamen.
Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA. Permanently gifted to their
education program.
DIVINING NATURE; AN ELEMENTAL GARDEN (sculpture by Rebecca Kamen) is
currently being exhibited this summer 2014 in an exhibition at Artswestchester,
White Plains, NY, titled: "STEAM: Stem + Arts"

our sound universe



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"See deep enough, and you see musically; The heart of Nature being everywhere music, If you can only reach it."

—Thomas Carlyle